Welcome to Season 2014-2015

Here we are at the start on a new Season, and we`re sure that all of our Young Pars would like to join us in wishing the Management and Players every success in their games this year.

Hello Everyone

We`ve been very encouraged by our membership numbers so far, and for those of
you still to join, you can post your forms, or enrol online at our website, www.youngpars.co.uk

Our younger fans, aged up to 6 years, become members of Sammy`s Gang, and receive special invitations to our well loved "Sammy Parties"-events
not to be missed!

Our fans aged 7 years and over are fully fledged Young Pars, and enjoy Training Sessions, meeting the Players Events, Quiz Nights, Ten Pin Bowling etc.

This season, we have lots of plans for Events for all of our Young Pars,and we believe we have a great Membership Package which includes:

Birthday card signed by Sammy the Tammy (for our Sammy`s Gang Members), or signed by the Players ( for our older Members)

Special enrolment gift

Chance to become a Ballboy/Girl ( members aged 11 years and over)

Exclusive Invitations to our Events.

Just look at the photos in the News stories, to see how much fun we all have!

We want to encourage our young supporters to become involved with DAFC, and have great fun supporting our local Team, and what better way to do that than join
the Young Pars. We receive great support from the Pars Management and Players, who enjoy attending our Events and meeting their young fans.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our first Events.

Young Pars Committee

Sammy says thanks very much for visiting our web site where we have lots of news for young Pars fans.