Club Night - Tuesday 5 October 2010

A Club night for Young Pars members aged 7 and over was held in the Kingdom Suite on Tuesday 5th October from 7.00pm - 8.30pm.

Some of our older members enjoyed fun
and games at our Club night in The Gallery.¬
This took the form of a quiz and activity evening.¬
There were three teams, each team being captained by a player.¬
In the quiz rounds they had to answer questions on a variety of topics
which included Pars facts, international football, nicknames and naming sports
venues.¬ In one round they had to try
and identify the players from distorted photos.¬
This proved to be quite difficult with one of the players failing to
recognise himself!¬ Each quiz round
was followed by an activity and the players happily led their team from the
front!¬ Unfortunately we ran out of
time before the skipping round.¬ We
had been looking forward to that one!

Many thanks to Joe Cardle, Callum
Woods and Kyle Allison for being such good sports on the night.¬
Joe Cardle’s team won with a score of 41, just ahead of the runners up
by 2 points!¬ Congratulations to Joe
and his team of ¬ ¬ Young Pars
members, Jamie and Ewan Divertie, Aidan Smith, Kendal Forbes and Callum Wilson.¬

Sammy says thanks very much for visiting our web site where we have lots of news for young Pars fans.