Young Pars News 16 March 2008

Young Pars News 16 March 2008

(Entry for Young Pars page of Match programme v Dundee)

Hi Young Pars. We’re looking forward to our away trip to St Johnstone next Saturday. If you put your name down we look forward to seeing you at East End Park where the bus will be leaving at 1.30pm. �

If you
can’t make it for some reason, it’s important you let us know so that we can
offer your place to someone else.� If
you would like to join us on this trip but haven’t done anything about it yet,
you can still phone Christine on 01383 822012 to see if there are any places
left.� See you all then!

kick competition

sees the first of the semi-finals of this competition at half time.�
Please give a warm welcome to the boys taking part.�
They are
Calum Bowden, Jake Gray, James Adam
and Josh Redpath.


The following Young Pars
celebrate their birthdays in March.

Petrie, Donald Petrie, Hannah Milner, Ellie Zaczek, Gavin Mayne, Grant Barr,
Daniel Nesbit, Scott Lucas, Thomas Lucas, Kyle Walls, Craig Watson, Emma
Forrest, Hamish Hart, Jamie Divertie, Sally Whitehill, Daryl Lightfoot, Jamie
Lightfoot, Stephanie Carstairs, Chloe Mitchell, Heather Neep, Robbie Brindle and
Liam Redpath.

Many Happy Returns to you
all from everyone at the Young Pars.

Easter party

reminder to Sammy’s Gang that Sammy the Tammy will be holding his Easter party

East End


next Sunday 30th March.�
Invitations have been sent out to all his Gang members.�
Please phone Helen if you are able to come.