Young Pars at Bowlplex Dec 2007

Young Pars at Bowlplex Dec 2007

The Young Pars night out with the players at Bowlplex was a striking success. The good news for Stephen Kenny is that all his players scored well and none of his players sustained any injuries in the process.

73 boys and girls from the Young Pars Supporters Club were joined by 12 of
the Dunfermline Athletic players accompanied by their coach Declan Devine.�
The players took this challenge very seriously turning the night into a very
competitive one amongst themselves with the highest scoring player being Garry
Leighton with 159.�

Best Young Par score was 126 by Alisha MacCallum. Other players taking part
were Scott Wilson, Scott Thomson, Calum Woods, Nick Phinn, Greg Ross, Iain
Williamson, Kris Maxwell, Scott McBride, Sean Murdoch, Michael McGlinchey and
Jamie Harris.�

Above: Jamie Harris, Declan Devine and Garry Leighton with the Young Pars

Above: Sean Murdoch and Scott McBride with the Young Pars

Above: Nick Phinn and Kris Maxwell with the Young Pars

Above: Scott Thomson and Scott Wilson with the Young Pars

Above: Calum Woods and Michael McGlinchey with the Young Pars

Above: Greg Ross and Iain Williamson with the Young Pars

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