Sammy`s Birthday Party - 2005

Sammy`s Birthday Party - 2005

It was Sammy`s Birthday Party on Sunday 11th September. Sammy`s Gang enjoyed their day in the Kingdom Suite.

Sammy`s Birthday Party was celebrated by Sammy`s Gang. 20 club members were entertained by Mr Barkin before Sammy turned up to join in.

Mr Barkin had three Sammy Gang members participate.� They got dressed up as Fireman, Policeman and Doctor.

When Sammy arrived he opened his birthday cards but was disappointed when no bank notes fell out.� The Gang sang Happy Birthday to Sammy; he even blew out his candles.

Sammy and Mr Barkin performed some magic with a paint brush and a colouring in book

Then Helen read Sammy`s birthday story and he played out the story that took him to the funfair.

Soon Sammy was causing mayhem running around and diving about the floor.

At the end Mr Barkin played Amarillo and Sammy was really exhausted.