Sammy`s Halloween Story

Sammy`s Halloween Story

It was a cold October morning and Sammy was fast asleep in bed. Do you think that bears can dream? I wonder what Sammy is dreaming about?

Come on Sammy! It`s time to get up. Sammy gave a big, big stretch and sat up in bed. He thought to himself, "What day is this?"

Then it dawned on him "today was his big Halloween Party at East End Park and he`d be seeing all his friends from Sammy`s Gang again!

Sammy jumped out of bed and danced around his bedroom. He loves parties! Hurry up, Sammy! Get ready! Sammy brushed his teeth, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.


He loves breakfast time. What are you eating today, Sammy? Maybe some cornflakes........ some toast....... or what about some porridge?

Sammy just can`t make up his mind. He thought he might make some porridge. What is it about bears and porridge?

Sammy scratched his head. He thought he had read a story in a book about bears and porridge but he just couldn`t remember what it was all about.

Oh well......... he shrugged his shoulders. Sammy has been reading a lot of books lately and he`s been getting a bit mixed up about them. His favourite character though is Harry Potter!

Sammy likes to imagine that he can do all of the things that Harry Potter does! All those tricks and spells! What great fun that must be! Enough daydreaming, Sammy! Finish your breakfast and get ready for your party!

Just then, Sammy heard a noise at his front door. A great big letter has come through the post box. Hurry up and see what it is, Sammy. Sammy opened the envelope and saw a lovely big card. Sammy was puzzled then he remembered. What a silly bear, Sammy.

It`s your birthday today! Sammy had been so busy thinking about his Halloween Party that he forgot all about his birthday! Yippee! Birthday cake and sweets and presents for you, Sammy! He jumped around, already imagining he was at East End Park with all of his friends. Would there be games and dancing - maybe even a magician!!!

Sammy rushed around the house. He was very excited now! Wait a minute Sammy. Where is your Party Invitation? He searched everywhere - under cushions, behind books, in drawers - where is it?

There it is Sammy - on the table. Yes, just as he thought - FANCY DRESS! Oh Sammy, you don`t have much time to think about this! You have to be at your Party in half an hour!

Sammy raced upstairs to his bedroom and dragged out his great big dressing up box. He knew that he would have to find something very quickly indeed.

He pulled out a monkey outfit. Sammy wondered if his Gang members would enjoy seeing him `monkeying` around! No, maybe not! Come along, Sammy! Hurry up!

You only have ten minutes now! Wait a minute.......what`s this? Sammy pulled a magic wand out of his dressing up box! "Yes!" said Sammy. This gave him a great idea. He would pretend to be his very favourite character " HARRY POTTER!

Sammy quickly put on his magician`s cloak and hat, waved his magic wand, got on his broomstick and set off for East End Park. Happy Birthday, Sammy