The Young Pars Relaunched

Young Pars under new management

Tue, 14th Jun 2022

As part of the new committee taking over from the outstanding work Christine, Jean and Helen have done over the last 25+ years, we have been in constant dialogue with the Club and the Pars Foundation about how we could enhance the current Young Pars Membership packages.

As such we have come up with the following:-

The membership will be split into 3 groups;
The Young Pars (Kids aged 6-16)
Sammy`s Gang (Kids aged 3-5)
The Young, Young Pars (Kids aged 0-2)

For all three groups there is an increase in cost for the yearly membership however, we believe, the benefits available with each membership offer a very good value for money as well as offering benefits and experiences that will be new to The Young Pars.

Membership renewals are now available to be processed online and with the READ MORE link below you can complete your child`s membership and view all the benefits that are available.